For 2019 the Zone U15 championship is supported by Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa and called “The Hanmer Pools Thermal Pools and Spa Mainland U15 Championships. The tournament is being held in Nelson at the Saxton Stadium on Saturday 1st June- Monday 3rd June.

Key objectives

  • To contribute to growing and developing a large pool of players, coaches and officials capable of successfully representing Netball Mainland (NM) and the Centres at higher levels
  • To ensure that NM and Centres have a quality competition programme at U15 level
  • To provide players with an age and capability appropriate challenging competition that is scheduled to ensure player well being

Championships Rules

  1. The event is to be known as the Netball Mainland Under 15 Championship and is owned & held by NM
  2. To play in this championship, All players must be female and be in year 9 or above and under the age of 15 on 1 January 2019
  3. No player is permitted to take part in two consecutive events. For the avoidance of doubt, no player can play in the Zone U15 Championship and U17NZAG tournament
  4. Centres affiliated to Netball Mainland can enter their U15 teams and are eligible for the top 4 postions in each grade.
  5. Invitational teams from Netball Mainand and other Zones can enter this tournament. Acceptance will depend on the number of teams entering. Invitational teams are not eligible to playoff for the top 4 positions in each grade.
  6. No players who partake in the Zone U15 Championships are to play in any other Centre team to play in any U15 fixture outside of this event (allowing other players the opportunity to play in field days etc)
  7. The Centre is responsible to ensure that all players selected for the Centre are eligible. Proof of the registration and /or eligibility of a player may be requested by NM.
  8. All players participating in the Championships must be members of NNZ and eligible for the Centre they are representing at the Championships in accordance with NNZ membership and registration regulations
  9. Any team found to be in breach of the NNZ membership and registration regulations will forfeit the match/s in which that player/s participated in and may lose any corresponding championship points
  10. Small Centres may wish to cluster / use players from another Centre in order to field a team. A letter seeking approval to NM’s Community Manager will be required for this. Approval will be given on a case by case basis and considered on its own merit.
  11. Team Registrations forms must be submitted to Netball Mainland no later than 5 days prior to the start of the championships. These forms shall detail the full name, date of birth and school year of each player. Changes to the team list must be sent by email to event organiser prior to the start of the first game and be approved by Netball Mainland.
  12. Where multiple teams are entered from one Centre the teams must be ranked with team 1 being the strongest, team 2 the second and team 3 the least etc
  13. Each team shall be under the control of either a coach, manager or both. Each team shall identify a Primary Care person on the team list – only this person will be permitted onto the court in the event of a stoppage to attend to on court player/s. Where a team does not have an identified Primary Care person the Coach or Manager may take this role. Each team shall be issued with an armband which the Primary Care person must wear in order to be permitted access to the court.
  14. Teams are required to complete all matches as specified in the NM U15 Championship format
  15. A team consists of no less than ten (10) players and no more than twelve (12) players
  16. All players must play a minimum of 50% of game time each day (unless an injury or illness occurs incident form to be submitted to the control desk at end of the game) failure to comply will result in the loss of competition points.
  17. No player shall exceed 90min of court time per day
  18. Games will consist of four (4) periods of ten (10) minutes with intervals of three (3) minutes between the 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, and 3rd and 4th periods. (dependent on entry numbers)
  19. All games will be played in accordance with the INF rules unless otherwise stated
  20. Players on court may ask the Umpire for a stoppage without the reason of injury/illness or blood being required. All other procedures around the stoppage are conducted as per current International Rules
  21. All teams who enter must provide an umpire with the minimum qualification of Zone practical level. If your Centre does not have an appropriately qualified umpire there may be a pool of umpires that you can draw from at a cost of $100
  22. Entry fee for one team is $250 and $200 per team thereafter for any additional teams from the Centre e.g. 2 teams entry fee is $450, 3 teams entry fee is $650
  23. All teams must supply a match ball. The umpire will decide which ball to use.
  24. For the duration of the Netball Mainland U15 Champs, teams shall use only those players named on the Team Registration form. If a player not named on this form plays in a game, the team concerned shall forfeit the game unless the replacement of a player on the registered team sheet has been approved by Netball Mainland prior to the game concerned.
  25. Once Netball Mainland U15 Champs play has commenced the list of registered players of any team may be altered only if, in the opinion of a medical practitioner, a player(s) is (are) deemed to be incapable of further participation in the Netball Mainland U15 Champs. In such a case, additional eligible player(s) may be registered provided that at no time the total number exceeds twelve (12).
  26. Teams are able to replace an injured or ill player with a player from their Centre’s lower ranked team at the event. This player will then become a member of this team and will no longer be eligible to play for their original team. Teams are not able to replace players with someone from a higher ranked team. The lower ranked team is then permitted to add a new player to their team to replace the one that moved up to the higher ranked team.
  27. Draw – games which may result in a draw and those games which must be played to an outright winner (that is cannot result in a draw) will be identified on the draw format and notified to all teams and officials before and during the championships
  28. On Finals games (cross overs, semi and finals) of the Championships where no draws are permitted the following will apply in the event that the score is even at full time:
    1. There will be a 30 second interval at the end of full time during which teams can make substitutions and / or changes
    2. The Centre pass is taken by the team entitled to the next Centre Pass
    3. Play continues until one (1) team has a two (2) goal advantage
  29. Each team will be required to each provide a scorer or timekeeper for each game. These people must stand together in the designated area during the game
  30. Each team shall play in the registered uniform of the Centre.
  31. To avoid confusion team placement for each game will be allocated on the following basis:
    1. Team 1 on the draw will take the area to the RIGHT of the score desk as it faces out on to the playing court.
    2. Team 2 on the draw will take the area to the LEFT of the score desk as it faces out on to the playing court.
  32. Championship points will be awarded as follows:
    4 points for a win
    2 points for a draw
    1 point for a loss of 3 goals or less
    0 point for a loss of more than 3 goals
  33. In the event of a tie on points at the end of pool play the result of the game between the two teams will decide the winner.
    1. If the two teams drew their game, or if more than two teams have the same number of points at the end of pool play, goal ratio of the games will decide the placing (i.e. goals for divided by goals against)
    2. If goal ratio is identical, then goal difference will be applied (i.e. the difference between goals for and goals against)
    3. In the event of a further tie, the team scoring the most goals for will be declared the winner
  34. If alternative bibs are required for identification purposes the teams shall toss to decide who shall wear them.
  35. In the event of a dispute or incident report, any protests will be made in writing to the Host Centre or NM representative within 30min of the incident occurring or the completion of the game and companied by a fee of $50.00. The fee may be reimbursed if the protest is considered to be reasonable.
  36. If any dispute arises from the interpretation of these rules or the need arises to deal with any matter not provided for in the rules, these disputes or matters must be made in writing to NM whose decision shall be binding on all parties.
  37. Where under garment clothing or support items (for the avoidance of doubt an example of a support item is a calf sleeve) are worn by players on court, for reasons which may include but are not limited to; warmth, injury support and/or performance, then such items must be the same main colour as the players uniform/dress OR a neutral colour (black, white or beige). All items worn by any one player must be the same colour.
  38. NM has the right to amend or make additions to these rules as required. Any rule updates will be circulated to all parties as required.